Iron And Steel Industry

ASMAŞ has proven it self made a lasting impact in the Türkish Iron and Steel Industry with the experience and knowledge gained from being in the Iron and Steel Industry since 1978 and, bases upon strong relations with iron and steel plant makers and machinery manufactures.

The 700.000 tpy capacity IDÇ-Foça Steel Plant has a modern melting shop and rolling mill production technologies with auxliary facilities, loading-unloading port is an integrated electric arc furnace plant. The mechanical equipment was manufactured by ASMAŞ in cooperation with NKKJapan, ConcastSwitzerland, OFUGermany.

ASMAŞ, besides his biggest reference, i.ei. IDÇ iron and steel mill also taken a part, either as the main contractor andor local manufacturer, for the realisation of TDÇİ – İSDEMİR wire rod mill and medium section mill, Sivas Iron and Steel rolling mill, METAŞ rod mill, ÇEBİTAŞ rolling mill, ÇUKUROVA Çelik rolling mill and being of the biggest criteria for the %30 increase in the long product capacity as %40 and quality of Türkish Industry.

Besides his contributions to the national industry ASMAŞ has achieved considerable references in Nowshar-Iran, SMT-Sudan, SAHRSTAHL-Germany, in Ardabil - Iran for the turn-key construction of a 300.000 t/y Rolling Mill and 500.000 t/y Steel Plant were manufactured by ASMAŞ.

The complete machinery and equipment designed, manufactured and erected 135.000 t/y Steel Shop, 100.000 t/y Bar Mill and 60.000 t/y Profile Mill of the METALLURGIYA ZAWODY - Türkmenistan was produced on a turn key basis.

ASMAŞ has taken a part in the Local Sub-contracting of the following facilities of ERDEMİR T.A.Ş. For CIM No.1 and No.2 projects; between 1989 to 1998.

-  Furnace equipments for the steckel mill of STEIN HEURTEY France.

-  The complete mechanical equipments for the pickling line of VAI–Austria.

-  The complete mechanical equipments for the hot temper and Recoiling line of VAI – Austria.

-  The complete mechanical equipments for the hot rolling mill of VAI – Austria.

-  The complete mechanical equipments of the continuous casting machine (CCM) of VAI – Austria.
-  The complete BOF-Oxygen lance equipment of VAI – Austria.

-  Overhead travelling cranes of CCM

-  The complete mechanical equipments of the continuous annealing line (CAL) of MDS – Germany.

-  The complete pulverised coal injection (PCI) plant of KAWASAKI – Japan.

-  The complete mechanical equipments of the electrolytic tinning line (ETFL) of NKK – Japan and ITAM – USA.

ASMAŞ, besides his considerable inputs to Turkish bar and flat products industry, by using the SMS Meer – Germany engineering, has deserve the honour to deliver a considerable amount of mechanical equipments to ;

ATLAS TUBE- Canada 16” Pipe Mill
CORINTH TUBE – Grece 24” Pipe Mill
SAFA  - Iran 24” Pipe Mill
WISCO  - China 26” Pipe Mill
ARVEDİ  - Italy 12” Pipe Mill
SEVERSTAHL  - Russia 16” Pipe Mill

Which provides foreign exchange, labour and technical experience transfer to Türkish Industry.