ASMAŞ, with its long years of experience in the field of manufacturing cranes and materials handling equipment, uses the result of his engineering research and collaborates with internationally prominent companies.

ASMAŞ is proud to be reputable preferred company in its field in national and international tenders.

Some examples from the manufacturing program are
- Container gantry cranes
- Container goliath cranes
- Transtainers
- Dockside and shipyard cranes
- Heavy duty steelworks cranes
- Electrical overhead travelling cranes
- Heavy duty gantry cranes
- Special duty cranes
- Materials handling conveyors
- Various materials handling attchments

ASMAŞ places special importance on the manufacturing and assembling of container, goliath, dockside and material stock area gantry cranes for various harbours in our country.

ASMAŞ is one of the leading crane manufacturing companies in Türkiye and worldwide. Because the products are suitable to the latest international standards, and high quality, long-life expectancy and eas maintenance are some of the reasons behind ASMAŞ’s superiotr performance.